Fokker Dr.1 Triplane
1/12 Fun Scale Electric
Laser-cut quick-build kit

Wing Area:
Wing Loading:

8.25 oz.
4.5 oz/sq.ft.
1/8" sheet foam & balsa
GWS 9x7
8-Cell 370mAh Nimh
GWS Pico R/E/T system

The Fokker Triplane is a quick-building fun-flying scale model of the famous Dr.1 Triplane of WWI.
Construction is based on sheet foam wings and fuselage panels and sheet balsa formers.
All parts are laser-cut for easy tab-slot assembly.
A wing jig is included to ensure that the wings are properly aligned.
Basic assembly should take no more than an evening.
Rare-earth magnet wing mounts provide easy radio access and "break-away" crash survivability.
Unlike some other small Triplanes you may have heard about, this one really flies!

Kit Contents

Full-size CAD plan sheet (22" x 34")
Fully illustrated 15-page instruction manual
Laser-cut balsa internal fuselage parts (firewall, formers, battery box, etc)
Laser-cut foam wings, tail, and fuselage sheeting
Pre-formed wing airfoils
Laser-cut wing alignment jig
Vac-formed cowling
Rare earth magnets (18) for mounting wings & struts
Pre-cut strut dowels
Carbon tail skid
Pre-formed music wire landing gear struts
1/32" music wire pushrods
Control horns
Wheel retainers
1-1/2" wheels
Profile pilot artwork
Iron Cross templates
Cockpit coaming material
Cowl screws, velcro, etc.

In other words, you supply your motor/radio equipment, glue and paint, and go flying!

Fully Illustrated Instruction Manual

Download the 15-page manual (2.5Mb)
It's in Adobe pdf format.

Download the FREE Adobe Acrobat reader


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if you have trouble viewing these movies.

The prototype, cruising on a 7-cell, 300mAh Nimh pack (1.7Mb)
Not fast, but proved the aerodynamics and controls.

Another prototype clip. This should be considered the bare minimum battery pack. (3.3Mb)
Triplanes have lots of "character" don't they!

The plans prover, now flying on 8-cells, 370mAh Nimhs (2Mb)
Good climb. Go take on the Brits!
There's a story behind why this clip is so short. It's really a testimony to the repairability of the model should it encounter a lamp post. (OOPS! I wasn't supposed to say that!)

One of my favourite clips. I avoid all the lamp posts!
This one is powered by a DX-A dual motor driving a 10x8 prop. (3Mb)

A recent outing, trying out the new 3S1P lipo pack with the DX-A motor and APC 10x4.7 prop. This combo provides vertical performance, but extended running at full throttle will kill the motor. I like to fly around at 1/2-throttle and use the top-end momentarily for entering loops.(5.7Mb)

Very recently, I was flying around inside an old Navy PBY hanger at the Seattle Barnowls Winter Indoor Fly-in.(9Mb)

I couldn't help it....witness the Triplane on steroids! Gobrushless CDROM conversion motor kit and 3S1P Kokam 340's (4Mb)

And more brushless can get spoiled by this much power! (4Mb)


Ezone discussion thread covering Morb's build of a hand-cut pre-production kit. Also includes Seastar's beautiful plans-based build.

Ezone discussion thread covering the plans version of this model.

Sorry, no longer in production.


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